“XXL” O-rings


Material : Silicone
Color : Clear/Translucent

* UPDATE * (december 2016)
Even more translucent than before !

Hardness : 40A
Thickness : 3.0mm (⇔ 0.118 inch)

Keyboard size :
- 60% = 75 pcs / bag
- Tenkeyless = 90 pcs / bag
- Full size = 110 pcs / bag
- Full size + extras = 125 pcs / bag

“XXL” O-rings are specially made to be used with DSA profile keycaps.

They are essentially the same as the "Thick" ones but with even more reduced key travel !

Typically, if you are looking for the fastest mechanical keyboard there is, you could combine them with the new Cherry MX Speed (Silver) switches in order to enjoy the shortest actuation and travel distance possible with comfort and quiet !

Compatibility :
These O-rings also work quite well in combination with Signature Plastics G20 caps and linear switches - but they are obviously reaaaally too thick to be used with "low-profile" keycaps !

Based on which keyboard or keycap brand you have, you might or might not be able to use them with standard profile (also called "OEM" profile) keycaps.

Feel free to contact me if you need a specific answer regarding this subject ;)